Monday, March 10, 2008

A Dark, Fathomless Love

Neely Wallace thought she had found the perfect lover. Aidan Tremayne was both angel and devil, as tender and sensitive as he was powerfully erotic. Then she learned the secret that tormented his soul... Aidan was cursed with the dark gift of immortality. His passion for a mortal woman was forbidden, a reckless temptation that fired the hunger within ... and threatened to destroy them both.

Title: Forever and the Night
Author: Linda Lael Miller
Series: Vampire, Book 1
Published: 1993
Publisher: Berkley Publishing
Pages: 338
Genre: Paranormal-Romance

Romance is something that author
Linda Lael Miller is an old hand at but she ventured into a new realm of forbidden love with Forever and the Night, the first book in her vampire series. She claims that after reading several vampire stories (like Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles) she “wanted to write about such dramatic creatures” because they are “dark and mysterious, yet sensual, too”. I believe that Ms. Miller achieved her goal with this enthralling, yet very down-to-earth story.

Like most writers of vampire tales, there are a couple of borrowed ideas in the book about vampires that are situated firmly into the public’s mind like the drinking of blood, sleeping through the lethal day, immortality, etc. but I’ve found that vampire fiction is best when the writer brings her own version to the table. Linda Lael Miller’s vampires are no different. Not only can they vanish at will, communicate mentally with other vampires, read human minds, oh and the coolest thing: they can travel through time!

I was a little disappointed that the time travel wasn’t used more often but it was still a good story although I admit, a little corny at times. Neely was a great heroine that reacts the same way many real women would in her shoes and I found myself liking her spirit. I also liked Aidan even though he was more than a little different from what I normally am used to vampire-wise. There are usually a few vampires in fiction that hate what they are but I’ve never heard of being able to revert back to their original human form before like Aidan wants to (vampirism was created on Atlantica).

There are also a few intriguing minor characters in the book like Aidan’s “friend” Valerian and his twin sister, Maeve. I’m looking forward to reading their stories in
Linda Lael Miller’s other books that make up this series.

Vampire Series:

  • Forever and the Night
  • For All Eternity
  • Time Without End
  • Tonight and Always


  1. I've never read anything by this author. And I've already got too many vampire series to keep track of think I'm going to pass on this series for awhile!

  2. This series was her only venture into paranormal. For the most part she writes historical romance. My favorites are her Springwater series

  3. That's probably why I haven't read anything by her. I read very few historicals.

  4. With all the vampire novels out there these days, it is especially fun to come across one that offers a different twist to the vampire myths as we know them.

    I always love the little pictures you add to your reviews, Jen. :-) And, of course, another great review!

  5. I never heard of this autho before, but it does sound good. I tend to like anything vampire/paranomal related.
    Great review as usual :)



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