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The Ice Queen’s Story

Behind her mask is a deadly secret...

The powerful head of the covert mercenary organization The Committee, Isobel Lambert is a sleek, sophisticated professional who comes into contact with some of the most dangerous people in the world. But beneath Isobel’s cool exterior a ghost exists, haunting her with memories of another life...a life that ended long ago.

But Isobel’s past and present are about to collide when Serafin, mercenary, assassin and the most dangerous man in the world, makes a deal with The Committee. Seventeen years ago Isabel shot him and left him for dead. Now it looks as if he’s tracked her down for revenge. But Isobel knows all too well that looks can be deceiving...and that’s what she’s counting on to keep her cover in this international masquerade of murder.

Title: Ice Storm
Author: Anne Stuart
Series: The Ice Series
Published: 2007
Publisher: MIRA books
Pages: 347
Genre: Romantic Suspense

In Ice Storm; the current book in
Anne Stuart’s extremely romantic and suspenseful Ice series, the entire Committee and all it’s operatives are in danger but especially the head of the organization Isobel Lambert. If she can survive the assassination attempts, she may just lose her heart.

Each book in Anne Stuart’s series focuses on a cold-blooded member of the Committee (which is an organization that keeps bad guys trying to create global annihilation or domination) and their current mission where they meet the woman (or in this case man) who melts their heart. Because of this, some of the Committee’s best operatives started retiring leaving them short-handed which in turn is why Lambert was in the field in the first place.

I have to say that Ice Storm is truly my favorite book in the Ice series so far (although I have a feeling that will change when Reno’s story Fire and Ice comes out). All of the Committee members that I know and love from the previous books come back to help take out the threat (except Takashi who sends his cousin Reno in his place). Plus there are nail-biting moments when you aren’t sure if everyone will survive and well-written flash-back sequences where you get to know the mysterious Madame Lambert and who she used to be until she met a man named Killian who changed the course of her life.

Although there isn’t that much I could find on Ice Storm other than reviews,
Wikipedia has a complete listing of all her books and MIRA has a list of them too as well as an interview and Fun Facts about the author.

The Ice Series:


  1. I really am going to have to try this series! Each one sounds better and better...

  2. This sounds like quite a cool series. I like that you have labelled it "Romantic Suspense"! Thanks for the tip :)

  3. I am thrilled you have gotten into this series! :)I love romantic suspense too.

  4. Darla- I really hope you do! I really enjoyed them

    Rhinoa- You're very welcome :) It is cool series (no pun intended)

    J. Kaye- I really can't wait to read the next one because it's Reno's story. He's so awesome and easily my favorite character even if he's been a minor one.



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