Saturday, November 3, 2007

Life is a Banquet with Mame

I stumbled across a musical called Mame (1974) starring Lucille Ball the other day and I loved it! The movie is based on the Broadway musical by Jerry Herman that starred the ever lovely Angela Lansbury but to be honest I can’t see anyone but Lucy as the eccentric Mame. I also adored the hilarious Beatrice Arthur who played Mame’s "bosom buddy" Vera Charles.

From what I can see, the film wasn’t a huge hit (although it was nominated for two Golden Globes) because most people thought Lucille Ball was too old to play Auntie Mame but I personally loved the seasoned lady. It gave more authenticity to the fact that she was a fun-loving, eccentric aunt.

This being a musical I guess I should say something about the songs: they’re cute but nothing I have to run right out and buy (the soundtrack has always been kind
of hard to get hold of until recently). What I loved about this film had little to do with the singing --although to be honest, I loved hearing Lucille Ball sing (she did all her own parts)– no, what I loved was how humorous and altogether fun Mame was. This movie is definitely something that I will add to my collection soon.

~ Warner Brothers has released Mame to DVD this year. Unfortunately, it doesn’t include many bonus features other than a featurette called Lucky Mame and the original trailer.

Bosom Buddies

Lucille Ball Interview:


  1. I've not ever seen either version...but I have to say I've always loved Lucille Ball in "anything"!

  2. Thanks for the Recommendation. I love Lucille Ball and Landsbury. This one will go strait to the top of my Blockbuster Queue.

  3. You've intrigued me. I'm going to mention it to my wife and we will check it out.




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