Monday, January 21, 2008

Love at Last Glance

Lucy Kelson (Sandra Bullock) – a brilliant attorney with a strategic mind who's more interested in saving her Coney Island neighborhood than in earning a big paycheck – is presented with the opportunity to do both when she accepts a position as chief counsel for real estate tycoon George Wade (Hugh Grant).

However, the handsome, charming but totally self-absorbed Wade pushes Lucy to the limit by treating her more like a nanny than the Harvard Law School grad she is. When Lucy decides to quit, her two weeks notice makes them realize they have fallen in love.

Title: Two Weeks Notice
Release: December 18, 2002
Genre: Romantic Comedy
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Writer: Marc Lawrence
Director: Marc Lawrence
Produced By: Sandra Bullock
Distributed By: Warner Bros.
Run Time: 101 minutes
Official Site

Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock; the king and queen of romantic comedies, finally get together in one of their own in writer Marc Lawrence’s directorial debut Two Weeks Notice.
It’s the classic plot line of girl falls in love with annoying man and neither doesn’t realize that
they love one another until it’s almost too late but with Grant and Bullock holding the reins you know you’re in for a treat!

I had been in the mood for a good romantic comedy when I stumbled across Two Weeks Notice and when I realized who was in it I knew I would love it before I even watched it! Sandy and Hugh are just incredibly charismatic and have this ability to have chemistry with whomever they’re co-starring with so you truly believe that they will fall in love.

Most people believe that if you’ve seen one romantic comedy, you’ve seen them all and that may be true to an extent but I honestly believe that ones like this become almost like comfort food for when life gets you down and you need to believe in fairy tales. Even when they pair a lawyer with a playboy.

Wikipedia and have plenty of information on Two Weeks Notice but also has a text interview with the stars of the film available.




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  1. I enjoyed Two Week Notice when I saw it years ago. It's not among my favorites though.

    I hope you will see 27 Dresses. It's very similar in story line to a handful of other romantic comedies I can think of--and not just because it follows the usual romance movie formula which is a given for all these types of movies (and isn't that why we love them?). It's a fun one. Just seeing the 27 bridesmaid dresses she's worn over the years is worth it! Haha



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