Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Love That Transcends Time

Dr. Kate Forester (Sandra Bullock) has finally found romance. Trouble is, it’s a long-distance relationship. She’s in downtown Chicago. He’s in a remote lakeside suburb. And there’s more: She’s in 2006. He’s in 2004. It begins when Kate moves out of her visually stunning lake house and leaves a note for the next tenant, architect Alex Wyler (Keanu Reeves). They begin a correspondence and soon come to realize they are meant for each other... and that, somehow, they live two years apart. Can they ever meet? What would happen if they tried? Magical and emotionally rich, The Lake House is a love story for 2004, for 2006, for all times.

Title: The Lake House
Release: June 16, 2006
Genre: Drama-Romance
MPAA Rating: PG
Writer: David Auburn
Director: Alejandro Agresti
Produced By: Sonny Mallhi
Distributed By: Warner Brothers
Run Time: 98 minutes
Official Site

One of the sweetest, romantic movies in years, The Lake House stars two of Hollywood’s best actors, Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock reunited for the first time in 12 years. Some of the movie is actually kind of confusing because it messes with time until you stop trying to make sense of the temporal paradox. This film was based on the South Korean movie called Il Mare.

I’ve always thought Sandra Bullock was a great actress but she’s never actually made me cry before like she did in The Lake House. It was such a good movie! I was able to figure out the “major plot twist” pretty early into the movie but that didn’t stop me from worrying that I might not get my happy-ever-after ending.

The setting is one of the most important things in the whole film and believe me, it’s a gorgeous , if unusual piece of architecture designed by Alex’s father played by the stately Christopher Plummer. It wasn’t hard to believe that such a beautiful place could make people love it so much at all. I also really liked the dog Jack and how vital she was to their getting together. and Wikipedia both have articles on The Lake House and has cast interviews and the movie premiere.


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  1. I enjoyed this film quite a bit. And it's one of the reasons I wanted to read Persuasion by Jane Austen.

  2. This is a movie that I wanted to see when it came out but then it fell off my radar. Thanks for the reminder. Hello Netflix.

  3. I really enjoyed the movie, but had a hard time grasping the ending (I remember my husband had to explain what was going on)! Duh.



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