Monday, February 8, 2010

Rest in Pieces

The movie series that taps into your deepest fears returns with a new and imaginative chapter that delivers the expected - in so many keep-you-guessing, unexpected ways! A strange premonition causes friends to abandon their day at the speedway, just before a crushing pileup hurtles cars into the bleachers with fiery consequences. They have cheated Death. But Death is only getting started. From the director of Snakes On A Plane comes the eerie, innovative tale of the friends' fierce fight to keep themselves and others alive.

Title: The Final Destination
Release: August 28, 2009
Genre: Horror
MPAA Rating: R
Writer: Eric Bress (screenplay) & Jeffrey Reddick (characters)
Director: David R. Ellis
Music By: Brian Tyler
Produced By: Craig Perry & Warren Zide
Distributed By: New Line Cinema
Run Time: 82 minutes
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Originally written to be an X-Files episode, the Final Destination franchise has come a long way since the first film with Devon Sawa and the Flight 180 plane crash that sparked the series. Using new 3D technology, The Final Destination still somewhat follows the rules set up in the previous movies which was such a hit because “it's not a typical horror movie. It's not zombie. It's not being chased after with a mask and a knife. It's death. It's something that's intangible. You can't figure it out. There's no rules, nothing.”

This film may be 3D which is why it didn’t do too bad in theaters but I thought it was unrealistically gory (almost B-movie at times) and more time seemed spent on making it 3D than on making a good, or at least decent horror sequel. The acting was also completely forgettable. Almost all these actors are actually TV actors who have small bit parts for one episode and that’s it (Bobby Campo who plays the guy who gets the visions actually just appeared on CSI: Miami). The only really redeemable actress is Shantel VanSanten and she’s a repeat character on One Tree Hill. It’s not really their fault that they don’t have too much experience but because the producers went with mostly unknowns it stopped the film from being over stylized which would have made me hate it instead of merely disliking it.

The Final Destination wasn’t a completely horrible film, it even had a few good parts but in my opinion I believe it’s the worst in the Final Destination franchise. I do like the Final Destination movies or at least I did, but I believe it has started being run into the ground (thankfully according to one of the producer’s this is supposedly the final Final Destination though he does mention the fact that he has an idea for a fifth one) and it’s more about grossing you out than scaring you. I appreciate that the writers tried to be a little different while sticking to the canon as much as possible, however it’s become so predictable that the only high note of the film was how it ended.


Bloody Disgusting- Producer Craig Perry
Movies Online- Actors Bobby Campo and Shantel VanSanten



  1. The first movie was really fun. The others...not so much.

  2. Scary stuff. I don't know if I would sleep for days after.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. :)

  3. Hmmm, yeah, I've gone back and forth on this installment. I loved the first one and the second one. The clever way they would invent these Rube Goldberg-esque ways for people to die. Very fun.

    The third one was good, but it had started to become redundant at that point and the story wasn't as interesting anymore.

    So now I'm at the point where I missed seeing it in 3D in theaters and now I'm unsure about watching it in 2D at home. I guess I'll eventually give it a try.

    Good review, Jen.

  4. I saw The Final Destination is the theater because it was 3d and I hadn't seen a 3d movie since I was little. It wasn't as good as the original (which was tremendously scary to me) but it was good. Probably because of the 3d. I haven't seen the dvd version, but I figure it probably wouldn't be that scary without things being hurled into your face. Great review.

  5. Whew! I can tell from the movie poster alone that this movie would be too much for me.

  6. Lenore: I liked the second one too but I wasn't that crazy about the others. REALLY didn't like this one.

    Tabitha Bird: A little creepy with there being no tangible killer but it was more gross than anything to me.

    Paxton: I liked the first two too and I agree the third was well done but getting predictable. This might have been more interesting to see in theater but at home I just wasn't impressed in the least bit.

    Jennifer: I think the 3D would have been neat in theater but I watched it at home and it was more than obvious it tried too hard in that regard. Thank you!

    Bermudaonion: It was too much for me and that's saying something. I said, "ewwwww" at least every 5 minutes.

  7. I like the Final Destination movies, I saw the first two. I dont know about this one. I hate how they just use gore nowadays to gross viewers out. Great review.



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