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How Far Would You Go to Get into Harvard?

How far would you go to get into Harvard grad school?

The plan was simple enough. Knock off the roommate, frame it as suicide, and walk away with straight A's for the semester. Sure, it's not the traditional way of getting into Harvard, but desperation leads to creative thinking.

When Rand mysteriously took a short walk off a large cliff one fateful evening, his roommates Tim and Chris won a free ticket to the ivy league. They never really thought the truth behind Rand's "suicide" would come out, but when the questions keep coming one after the other, the bonds of loyalty and friendship dissolve in the midst of lies and deception. All that is hidden comes to light. The only question is... who do you trust?

Matthew Lillard (Scream), Michael Vartan (The Pallbearer), Randall Batinkoff (School Ties), and Keri Russell (Felicity) star in this plot-twisting mystery guaranteed to keep you guessing.

Title: The Curve (aka Dead Man's Curve)
Release: August 12, 1998
Genre: Thriller
MPAA Rating: R
Writer: Dan Rosen
Director: Dan Rosen
Music By: Shark
Produced By: Michael Amato, Jeremy Lew, & Ted Schipper
Distributed By: Two Left Shoes
Run Time: 92 minutes
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The Curve (or Dead Man’s Curve) came out around the time a lot of “teen films” like Jawbreaker, Scream, and Cruel Intentions did, but unlike those, this one went directly to home video. I can sort of see why it did though. Who wants to watch a movie based on an urban legend about college kids killing their roommates (while making it look like a suicide) to get a 4.0? Other college kids of course (or Matthew Lillard fans)!

The Curve has never been one of my favorites but I own it and it's still worth seeing at least once every couple of years. I remember watching it for the first time as soon as I learned it was a Lillard movie because I am such a fool for him (how could you not love him?! He’s totally psychotic!). Although the movie isn’t very original and it does sag in parts, it will evoke a response from you but it really depends on the viewer of what kind of response it will be.

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