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Half Boy, Half God: All Hero

Percy Jackson isn't expecting freshman orientation to be any fun. But when a mysterious mortal acquaintance appears on campus, followed by demon cheerleaders, things quickly move from bad to worse.

In this latest installment of the blockbuster series, time is running out as war between the Olympians and the evil Titan lord Kronos draws near. Even the safe haven of Camp Half-Blood grows more vulnerable by the minute as Kronoss army prepares to invade its once impenetrable borders. To stop the invasion, Percy and his demigod friends must set out on a quest through the Labyrinth- a sprawling underground world with stunning surprises at every turn. Full of humor and heart-pounding action, this latest book promises to be their most thrilling adventure yet.

Title: The Battle of the Labyrinth
Author: Rick Riordan
Series: Percy Jackson & the Olympians, Book 4
Start & Finished: 3/8/09
Published: May 6, 2008
Publisher: Hyperion Books for Children
Pages: 361 (hardcover)
Genre: YA-Adventure
Official Site (UK)

Retired teacher and bestselling author Rick Riordan’s fourth book The Battle of the Labyrinth is the next to last book in his Percy Jackson & the Olympians series. Like any good adventure series that involves quests and as this is the book right before the last one, Percy, his friends, and even some his enemies face even more dire situations than ever before. Not as dark as its previous book The Titan’s Curse but there is a whole lot more action than usual.

In earlier reviews, after I read the first couple of stories in this series, I compared Percy Jackson’s adventures to Harry Potter a lot and although there are still a few strong similarities within this one too, it seemed like Riordan relied more on his own characters this time. Maybe since it has been so long since I’ve read Rowling’s hero but I believe Percy and his books are even more funny and engaging.

Another thing I’ve mentioned repeatedly is how very much I loved mythology when I was younger and although that love hasn’t faded (a minor reason why I love this series so much), anything other than vague memories of the myths have. I just love how not only am I re-freshing my memory but I’m also learning along with the readers this is meant for. I have to admit that I’ve never heard of telekhines before and it’s very possible that the author made them up but I also thought that was one of the funniest scenes: “New lesson, class,” I announced. “Most monsters will vaporize when sliced with a celestial bronze sword. This change is perfectly normal, and will happen to you right now if you don’t BACK OFF!”

The Harry Potter series did a lot for reading, especially reluctant readers and I believe strongly that Percy Jackson’s series carries on that tradition. Which is one of the reasons I was sad to learn that this particular series is going to come to an end in the next book The Last Olympian. In an interview the author said, “[The kids] get really, really involved [when reading the series] and that's what's fun about it. I think that's what attracted me to teaching. It's the fact that you get to make such a difference when you're working with kids. You really do make an impact and you can turn kids into readers, maybe for the first time.” I’m not a kid Mr. Riordan, nor am I beginning reader, but I truly love your stories.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians
1. The Lightning Thief (2005)
2. The Sea of Monsters (2006)
3. The Titan's Curse (2007)
4. The Battle of the Labyrinth (2008)
5. The Last Olympian (2009)
Percy Jackson and the Olympians (omnibus) (2008)
The Sword of Hades (2009)

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Picture Explanations
Daedalus Wings:
In the myth Daedalus's son Icarus uses these but Percy and his friends use them with better results in the book
Pan: All satyrs have been looking for this God for centuries


  1. I'm so glad there are great series for reluctant readers! I think I'll try this one on my husband since he loved Harry Potter.

  2. I really can't wait to read this series.


  3. Thinking of you:

  4. Love the Pan pic and love the review :)
    Happy Reading, Ladytink!

  5. this series is getting a lot of exposure.. i wonder if they will make movies of this book too

  6. Great review, I am so psyched about this series. I finally finished Dune and I'm in the middle of the second book, Sea of Monsters. This series is phenomenal and I can't wait to continue it.

    I didn't know for sure until you said it, but I'm sad The Last Olympian is the final Percy Jackson book. :-(

  7. I really need to pick up the first book in this series. I'm glad to hear you've been enjoying it so much!

  8. Hi LadyTink!

    This series look fun and fast, I'll have to look into it.

    Dottie :)

  9. This is out of my comfort zone, but that's why I love your blog. I have The Lightening Thief and plan to read that one. Glad to have you steer me in the right direction.

  10. Bermudaonion: If he has any interest at all in mythology, he should love it :)

    The Book Resort: You're welcome and thank you!

    The Chic Geek: Pan was always one of my favorite myths. Glad you liked the review :)

    DesLily: Not sure if you got my email or not but I'll repeat it here for everyone: they are! It's already in development and is supposed to come out next year.

    Paxton: Yep, that's the last one but Riordan is too talented to sit on his laurels. Maybe he'll do something else in this world?

    Nymeth: Oh I just adore it and I'm super excited that a copy is almost ready for me at the library :)

    My Blog 2.0 (Dottie): The books aren't long but I kind of wish they were so it would last. Hope you do!

    Wisteria: About two or more years ago I would have said it was out of my comfort zone too but I'm so glad that changed! I'm so happy that I helped you pick these up! Hope you enjoy them as much as I do :)

  11. It is certainly interesting for me to read that article. Thank you for it. I like such topics and anything that is connected to them. I definitely want to read more on that blog soon.



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