Thursday, August 9, 2007

My Favorite Crime TV Series

Title: CSI: Miami
Release: September 23, 2002 – present
Genre: Crime Drama- Forensics
MPAA Rating: TV
Writer: Ann Donahue, Carol Mendelsohn, Anthony E. Zuiker, Marc Dube, Ildy Modrovich, etc.
Director: Joe Chappelle, Sam Hill, Scott Lautanen, Karen Gaviola, Matt Earl Beesley, etc.
Music By: Jeff Cardoni, Kevin Kiner, & Graeme Revell
Produced By: Jerry Bruckheimer
Distributed By: Jerry Bruckheimer Television & CBS
Run Time: 40-45 minutes per episode
Official Site

I love just about every catch-the-bad-guy show that’s on TV but CSI: Miami is my favorite. I just started watching it this past year but I adore everything about the show.... including Horatio Caine. For those living under a rock, he’s the CSI: Miami boss like Grissom is the Las Vegas boss but unlike Grissom (who I really like as well) he focuses not only on the bad guys and catching the bad guys but he’s also there for the victims.

My husband and I are just now starting to collect the CSI: Miami seasons (we love our TV shows on DVD!) And he recently bought me the second season (we own the first already). The thing is I’ve already seen a lot of the episodes on TV so there are quite a few on the DVD that I’d already seen but I did watch a lot I hadn’t seen. I really enjoyed this season more than the first because the actors have already gotten to know their characters and become the characters so it seems a bit more real.
I always have a couple of favorite episodes per season but on this one it’s almost every episode. There are always great special effects like in the Hurricane Anthony episode and Horatio doggedly goes after the murderer sometimes even going to New York (where he teams up with CSI: NY) like he did in MIA/NYC- NonStop because he promised a girl whose family was brutally murdered that he would catch their killer. I could go on and on about my favorite TV series (ever since they cancelled Veronica Mars it got bumped up into the number 1 slot) but I won’t. Just try it if you haven’t already and I bet you’ll be hooked too.

~ There is a separate disc of Behind-the-Scenes featurettes including two tours, a few interviews with the cast in CSI Miami: Recalling Season 2, and Visually Effective which talks about the special effects and how they were achieved. Note: if you have a problem with maggots like I do, you might want to skip this and the episode Hard Time or at least hide your eyes like I did!



  1. I love CSI. I have only seen a few of the Miami episodes, and none of the New York ones, but I have seen all of the episodes of the first five seasons of CSI Las Vegas. Now that it is on opposite my favorite show, Supernatural, I don't watch it anymore.

    I'm glad they show the reruns on Spike TV. I think CSI Miami is on reruns too. I'll have to get caught up on the ones I missed.

  2. My boyfriend prefers Miami for 'H' but I personally am a bigger fan of the original series. I will watch all three shows, though, so I am not super picky.



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