Friday, July 13, 2007

Don't Write It Off Just Yet

First you're hot, then you're not... and then you're Alex Fletcher. So when the sizzlingest tween queen on the charts asks the has-been '80s pop sensation to write her a song, he grabs for another chance at stardom. Problem: Alex can say it with music, but he sure can't say it with words. Enter Sophie Fisher, his beguiling if quirky plant lady, who has an unexpected green thumb for lyrics. Together, they go after songwriting success - and discover that if you want to write the perfect love song, it helps to fall in love.

With Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore at the keyboard and Marc Lawrence (Two Weeks Notice) directing, Music And Lyrics is a witty, wacky romantic comedy that faces the music... and laughs

Title: Music and Lyrics
Release: February 14, 2007
Genre: Romantic Comedy
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Writer: Marc Lawrence
Director: Marc Lawrence
Music By: Adam Schlesinger
Produced By: Marc Lawrence, Melissa Wells, Scott Elias
Distributed By: Warner Brothers
Run Time: 104 minutes

Music and Lyrics is a really sweet, funny, musical romantic comedy with songs that you will be humming for days! I always find it a bit interesting when actors step outside their comfort zones for a movie like Grant and Barrymore did for this. He danced, learned to play the piano, and they both learned how to sing (although Drew only sings one song and Hugh sings seven).

I loved how strong the characters are and how compatible Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore are with one another. The reason I like these actors so much is because they’re really good (obviously) but I also like them because they’re great eye candy too. He’s kind of cute and he has that sexy British accent, she’s adorable and lately she has been wearing the cutest clothes in her movies as well as in real life. Plus they seem like they’re genuinely nice people. You’ve simply got to give this great romantic comedy a chance if you haven’t already!

~ The DVD includes a few additional scenes, a really cute gag reel, Note for Note: The Making of Music and Lyrics, and the music video “PoP! Goes My Heart” (that by the end of the movie you will have seen a lot of). Don’t forget to watch the music video that plays during the credits. It’s kind of like a Pop-Up-Video that informs you of what happened to the characters.

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  1. Yes! My wife and I also thought this was much better than we expected it to be. Very good. We love both Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore. Glad you liked it.

  2. It captured my husbands attention on his way to the kitchen so he sat down and watched the rest of it with me.



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