Sunday, July 15, 2007

Beautiful Music and Lyrics

The romantic comedy Music and Lyrics is really good but the soundtrack is much better. The movie is set in present day but because it’s about a washed-up 80’s pop star, the music fluctuates between present day and like the 80’s-early 90’s. What you get is a CD you can listen to over and over again. There are actually only 4 tracks that I dislike (Entering Bootytown- Haley Bennet, Tony the Beat- The Sounds, Slam- Haley Bennet, and Different Sound- Teddybears) and unsurprisingly Hugh Grant sings all but one of the rest of the songs I like. He has such a beautiful voice!

My absolute favorite song on the soundtrack is Don’t Write Me Off and it’s one that you can listen to a million times and yet never get tired of it. The melody is beautiful and the lyrics are sweet and funny, just like the movie. I did like both of the Way Back into Love songs but the demo version is my favorite. Drew Barrymore is a wonderful actress but I never knew she could sing! My only regret is that she didn’t do more than one song. I feel like I should mention one of the other tracks I like (even if it’s the most popular one in the movie), PoP! Goes My Heart is a song that makes it utterly impossible to sit still through. You just have to get up and do something! Music and Lyrics has such a fun soundtrack and with such wonderful music, it’s a must have.

Track Listing:
1. Pop! Goes My Heart
2. Buddha's Delight - Haley Bennet
3. Meaningless Kiss
4. Entering Bootytown - Haley Bennet
5. Way Back Into Love (Demo Version)
6. Tony The Beat - The Sounds
7. Dance With Me Tonight
8. Slam - Haley Bennet
9. Don't Write Me Off
10. Way Back Into Love
11. Different Sound - Teddybears
12. Love Autopsy

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  1. LadyTink, this is my first visit here. I am really enjoying all of your commentaries and reviews. And you are so young to be so appreciative of older movies! I love the classic movies, too. I just recently saw this movie for the 1st time and enjoyed it a lot as a fluffy thing. And don't you think sometimes Hugh is odd-looking and then sometimes really attractive? Maybe it's just me!



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