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A Hauntingly Beautiful Love Story

"An engaging romantic fantasy...Gently humorous and often sparkling." -The New York Times

Joseph L. Mankiewicz's powerful romantic gem, "rich in human warmth and moments of rare humor," (Variety) brought together screen legends Gene Tierney and Rex Harrison.

Recent widow Lucy Muir (Tierney) rents a house by the ocean, which turns out to be haunted by a cantankerous sea captain (Harrison). Although difficult at first, their friendship blossoms and the captain even "ghostwrites" an autobiographical book to bring in money for her. Eventually, the unlikely pair fall in love, only to be challenged when a flesh-and-blood suitor (George Sanders) appears on the scene.

With its heartwarming screenplay and Oscar-nominated cinematography, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir is a moving classic in Hollywood's best style.

Title: The Ghost and Mrs. Muir
Release: June 26, 1947
Genre: Romance- Paranormal
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Based On: The Ghost and Mrs. Muir by R. A. Dick
Writer: Philip Dunne
Director: Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Music By: Bernard Herrmann
Produced By: Fred Kohlmar
Distributed By: Twentieth Century-Fox
Run Time: 104 minutes

I had never seen The Ghost and Mrs. Muir before but after reading Rex Harrison’s autobiography I’ve tried to watch as many films of his as I can. I have already seen a few over the years to know that I’ll hardly ever be disappointed and thankfully this is no exception. In fact, this is the only movie I’ve seen by him that has ever made me cry.

Rex Harrison is such a handsome man as Captain Gregg and Gene Tierney is a pretty good heroine as Mrs. Muir. There is only one badly acted scene in the whole movie and it’s very early on in the film. I really loved the easy banter between Harrison and Tierney and although they never touch one another until the very end, you can easily see the amazing chemistry between them. This is such a funny, bittersweet, love story that every “chick flick” lover should see… as long as you aren’t attracted to those “perfumed parlor snakes” that is!

~ I have only seen the VHS.

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  1. I don't recall this "badly acted" scene you speak of but I do agree that it is a wonderful love story. Though I am young, a tad younger than twenty, my mother fell in love with the movie before I was born and so I remember seeing it numerous times during the core of my upbringing. In time, I too fell in love with the movie and longed to read the book, both of which are wonderful.

    I have never found Rex Harrison to be a handsome man and on a personal list, he wouldn't even make the top twenty but there is something about him in this movie. Maybe it is the character he plays or the overall idea of the movie but whatever it is, it makes him appear incredibly sexy on screen and in this role, he could very easily pass as the sexiest man to ever walk. I dare any woman or girl to watch the movie and not fall in love with him as Captain Gregg. Go on, I dare you.



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