Saturday, September 22, 2007

Let's Ride!

The Ghost Rider movie and its soundtrack fit together well but I think a lot of the music itself doesn’t work without the film (and the amazing special effects) backing it up. My favorite song from the movie actually doesn’t appear on some versions of the soundtrack. It’s called (aptly enough), Ghost Riders in the Sky. It’s the only song on the CD that’s not an instrumental piece by Christopher Young and it has been performed by numerous people over the years but on this case it was given a unique sound by the Australian rock band Spiderbait.

I wasn’t too impressed with a lot of the tracks and only three of the instrumental pieces really stood out for me. They are Blackheart Beat, San Venganza, and the last song on the CD, The West Was Built on Legends… just don’t ask me what the chorus is supposed to be saying! The rest of the instrumentals just sounded like other familiar Marvel comic movies but with more of a gothic (and in some songs, western) flavor to it.

Track Listing:
1. Ghost Riders in the Sky- Spiderbait
2. Ghost Rider
3. Blackheart Beat
4. Artistry In Death
5. A Thing For Karen Carpenter
6. Cemetery Dance
7. More Sinister Than Popcorn
8. No Way to Wisdom
9. Chain Chariot
10. Santa Sardonicas
11. Penance Stare
12. San Venganza
13. Blood Signature
14. Serenade to a Daredevil’s Devil
15. Nebuchadnezzar Phase
16. The West Was Built On Legends

~I also have a post on the Ghost Rider movie

Soundtrack News:

Ghost Rider in the Sky Music Video:

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