Sunday, December 2, 2007

A Magical Adventure

Five adventurous humanoid dogs are trying to find their way home via a magical key that creates portals when they arrive on Earth and are mistaken as real dogs and taken to the animal shelter. They are soon separated when the leader Stanley is taken home as a birthday present for a boy named Jaime. Jaime is enlisted in helping get the rest of the gang out by any means necessary. However, a mean and wealthy collector of rare animals named J. J. Wagstaff becomes aware of the talking “dogs” and is after them. Will the Fluppies make it home?

In 1985 the Disney Channel ran two animated fantasy cartoons, hoping at least one of them would be successful. They were The Adventures of the Gummi Bears and The Wuzzles. The latter only ran for 3 months so when 1986 rolled around there was a space open for a new animated TV series. This time the new show was presented in a one hour pilot episode so the company could claim it was just a Disney channel movie if it didn’t pan out. Making the Fluppy Dogs the first ever Disney Channel Original Movie.

Unfortunately, even with all of the puzzles, books, and stuffed animals out there the Fluppy Dogs never did catch on and the TV series was cancelled before it even got off the ground. If it wasn’t for those stuffed animals then no one would be able to remember the Fluppies, me included. Thankfully they did exist (matter of fact the yellow one was my first stuffed animal) and some people do still remember.

Thanks to Mystic Orca I finally got to see this forgotten film and I thought it was wonderful. You can tell that a lot of creative effort went into the Fluppies and their story, it’s just a shame that you can’t find stuff like this anymore.

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  1. I first came across seeing at least some of this while visiting someone's house back in the mid '90s. I wouldn't get to see it in its entirely until last May, when I checked it out on Youtube. I didn't know it until finding this again online, but this premiered just a few days after I was born. I thought it was great and found it enjoyable. But haplessly, the whole Fluppies franchise just couldn't catch a break. I learned that not only was the pilot to the failed, proposed expansion into a series unpopular, I guess at least at the time, but all the merchandise as well. I think it should've gotten more than it did anyway, despite all that. I read from others who compare this to the Care Bears. That never crossed my mind when this was new to me and I first heard of it, I wouldn't have seen that.



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