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Vampires Vs. Lycans

In the Underworld, Vampires are a secret clan of modern aristocratic sophisticates whose mortal enemies are the Lycans (Werewolves), a shrewd gang of street thugs who prowl the city's underbelly. No one knows the origin of their bitter blood feud, but the balance of power between them turns even bloodier when a beautiful young Vampire warrior and a newly-turned Lycan with a mysterious past fall in love. Kate Beckinsale and Scott Speedman star in this modern-day, action-packed tale of ruthless intrigue and forbidden passion - all set against the dazzling backdrop of a timeless, Gothic metropolis.

Title: Underworld
Release: September 19, 2003
Genre: Action- Horror
MPAA Rating: R
Writer: Kevin Grevioux, Len Wiseman, & Danny McBride
Director: Len Wiseman
Music By: Paul Haslinger
Produced By: Robert Bernacchi, Gary Lucchesi, & Tom Rosenberg
Distributed By: Screen Gems (Sony)
Run Time: 121 minutes
Official Site

The saga continues as the battle rages on between the aristocratic Death Dealers (vampires) and the barbaric Lycans (werewolves). This film traces the beginnings of the ancient feud between the two tribes as the beautiful vampire heroine Selene (Kate Beckinsale) discovers that she has been betrayed by her own kind and must seek revenge. The fast-paced, modern-day tale of deadly action, ruthless intrigue and forbidden love takes her into battle to end all wars as the immortals must finally face their retribution.

Title: Underworld: Evolution
Release: January 20, 2006
Genre: Action-Horror
MPAA Rating: R
Writer: Kevin Grevioux, Len Wiseman, & Danny McBride
Director: Len Wiseman
Music By: Marco Beltrami
Produced By: Len Wiseman, Danny McBride, & Kevin Grevioux
Distributed By: Screen Gems
Run Time: 106 minutes
Official Site

"Whether you like it or not, you're in the middle of a war that has been raging for the better part of a thousand years. A blood feud between vampires and lycans. Werewolves," Selene tells Michael and so begins the first chapter in the Underworld film franchise. She’s a Death Dealer (“a warrior vampire”) played by Kate Beckinsale and he’s a human recently infected by the Lycan virus played by Scott Speedman and their both the main players (sometimes pawns) in the war. This is an almost Gothic-looking film that was shot mainly in Hungary and it was also Len Wiseman’s directorial debut.

Sexy, sleek, and deadly vampires have always fascinated me so when this movie first came out I knew immediately that I would enjoy it. Werewolves on the other hand have never really been my thing and the ones in this film are no exception. To be honest, I find them downright creepy and gross! However, I enjoyed the story as much if not more than I thought I would because of Beckinsale’s performance in both films. Selene and Micheal battle it out with Lycans and with the elder Marcus, whom if you remember at the end of the first movie became a hybrid himself (Marcus is a bit scarier than Micheal though, he looks like this huge bat).

Several years and two sequels later, Underworld is still a good film but I was struck by the fact that it just wasn’t as amazing as I remember and it kind of grossed me out more than a few times too. The special effects do hold up for the most part still but it’s the second film where they become really impressive. The actors and the script that earned staying power with Underworld and the same holds true for the second film Underworld: Evolution which starts right where the first one left off and it’s fast-paced action through-out the whole movie.

Links: 1st Imdb.com, 2nd Imdb.com, 1st Wikipedia, 2nd Wikipedia

(Sorry for the quick mini-review)


  1. I loooooved the Underworld movies! I haven't seen the third one yet, but as soon as the DVD is out, it is so mine!


  2. Hi LadyTink!

    I love the Underworld movies, but the blooper reel was too funny!

    Dottie :)

  3. This is one of the few movies I walked out of in the middle. Did not like.

  4. Looks cool. I've never seen Underworld...Think I'm going to have to give it a whirl :D
    Have a Happy Day, LadyTinK!

  5. I haven't seen any of the Underworld movies. Yet. One of my coworkers has been trying to get me to watch them.

  6. I havent seen any of the Underworld movies, but I need to. They look good.
    great review ;)

  7. I really liked the first two, but haven't seen the third one yet.

  8. I nearly feel out over Lenore's response! I have watched the first two. LOVE-LOVED it. Can't wait for the third!

  9. I've seen all of these movies...including the one with the Lycans side of things.

    I really loved the first two, but the third with the lycans was a bit slow and left me feeling a bit flat.

  10. Lezlie: I haven't seen the third one yet either.

    Dottie: Glad you liked it!

    Lenore: Aw :( I'm sorry!

    The Chic Geek: They're pretty good for the most part. Hope you enjoy them!

    Wendy & Naida: They're worth a watch!

    CarolsNotebook: I haven't either. Hubby said it was good though

    Cathy: Aw thanks!

    J. Kaye: I really liked them too. I actually went out and bought the novelization of the first one.

    Serena: I haven't seen the third one yet but hubby said he liked it. It could go either way for me I guess.

  11. It took me a year or so to get around to seeing this one and when I did I loved it!

  12. Hmm not so into these. I thought the first one was ok (well better than Van Helsing), but thought the second was pretty rubbish. I meant to give the third a chance but it wasn't in the cinema long and I missed it.



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