Thursday, October 4, 2007

It's Time to Scream Again!

Made only a year after the original, Scream 2 managed to do what very few sequels do: be almost as good as it’s predecessor! The film is a little more polished than the first but it still has it’s tongue-in-cheek approach even if it manages to be a little more subtle. Some of the movies mentioned aren’t even scary (Killer: "What’s your favorite scary movie?" Randy: " Showgirls, absolutely frightening. What’s yours?")!

I’m glad that everyone that managed to survive in the first movie comes back in this one a little more grown up and a lot more polished. The film just wouldn’t have been as good without them! There are also several new characters that are introduced as well, some of which were in popular TV shows at the time like Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy) and Joshua Jackson (who was in the show Dawson’s Creek). If you listen closely you can catch a few tiny references to Friends as well.

Out of all the Scream movies the original is my favorite (because of Matthew Lillard of course) but Scream 2 comes pretty close! The body count is bigger, the death scenes are much more elaborate, and I still remember being how surprised I was about the killer’s identity when I first watched it.

~ For those Matthew Lillard fans, he shows up in an uncredited cameo in the Ky Dem Alpha party but it’s really quick so keep your eyes peeled!

Scream 3


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