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The End Is Nigh

From the director of The Descent comes an action-packed thrill ride through the beating heart of hell! To save humanity from an epidemic, an elite fighting unit must battle to find a cure in a post-apocalyptic zone controlled by a society of murderous renegades. Loaded with ferocious fights and high-octane chases, Doomsday grabs you right from the start and doesn't let go till its explosive end!
Title: Doomsday
Release: March 14, 2008
Genre: Action/ Sci-Fi
MPAA Rating: R
Writer: Neil Marshall
Director: Neil Marshall
Music By: Tyler Bates
Produced By: Benedict Carver & Steven Paul
Distributed By: Universal Pictures
Run Time: 113 minutes
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Neil Marshall’s 2008 film Doomsday could have been a typical "killer virus" science fiction film but the writer and director made the end-of-the-world scenario only quarantined to one location-Scotland. This country had all the modern conveniences before its people were left to die but at the same time, there were castles from the olden days so it was only natural for the survivors to either become “futuristic soldiers” or “medieval knights” in order to survive. Marshall was also inspired by several movies from the 80's like Escape from New York and Mad Max.

If I had not already known that this was written by the director I would probably think that like many movies lately, it was based on a graphic novel or something. This film reminded me a bit of I Am Legend but while I really disliked that film, Doomsday was actually a whole lot better than I expected. Of course, it is a little gross at times (it‘s rated R for a very good reason), but still manages to be a somewhat intelligent and interesting action/ sci-fi film! I liked the idea of how a society would survive when the world abandoned them by creating their own worlds in the past or future.

Another thing the film has going for it is the fact that it has quite a few great actors attached such as Rhona Mitra (Underworld) as Major Eden Sinclair, Bob Hoskins (Who Framed Roger Rabbit) as her boss and mentor Bill Nelson, and even Malcom McDowell has a pivotal role as former scientist Marcus Kane that has now set himself up in a castle as a king, plus many, many more.

Even though Neil Marshal is known for his horror films, Doomsday isn't one of them. It's bloody, gory, and sometimes disgusting (there are cannibals on the other side of the wall) true, but this post-apocalyptic film is more of an elaborate drama. Would I enjoy this film half as much if it had had a smaller budget? Probably not, but I would have liked it a whole lot more if some of the "ew" and "ick" parts were removed.

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  1. I don't remember ever hearing about this movie. It sounds interesting though. Thanks for the review, Jen.

  2. I'm totally going to track down this movie now! I love post-apocalypse/plague type movies. 'The Stand' being the best one ever :)

  3. Wendy: I remember seeing previews for it but I think it was supposed to be primarily a British film.

    Mo: I agree! I don't watch the movie too often but I've read the book three times lol.

  4. I've been waiting to hear if this movie was any good. I think it looks good but my wife disagrees. I may have to check it out now. Part of me was a little wary because it had the potential to be Waterworld bad.

    Thanks for the review, Jen. I may have to rent the Blu-Ray now.

  5. I havent heard of this either, it does sound good, great review :)

  6. Okay, I just added it to Blockbuster queue. It's top on the!

  7. Paxton: I wasn't going to watch it with my husband but he talked me into it. Yeah there are certainly a lot of unnecessary gross-out parts but I liked the story (never seen Waterworld so I can't compare lol).

    Naida: Thank you!

    J. Kaye: Hope you enjoy it!

  8. I've never heard about this. But I do like post apocalyptic fiction so I'll hope this comes to German tv soon.



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