Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Love Takes a Dive

A thrilling treasure hunt. Romantic intrigue. Exotic locales. Is this any way to save a divorce?

Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson go for the gold (and the diamonds, emeralds and rubies) as a just-divorced couple who bicker and banter their way through an adventure- and laugh-packed undersea treasure hunt. McConaughey is Finn, in love with his ex (Hudson) and in deep with gangster Bigg Bunny. After eight years of searching, Finn gets a clue to the whereabouts of the Queen's Dowry, a fabulous fortune that mysteriously disappeared in the Caribbean in 1715. Now all he has to do is get the gold, get the girl and get going before Bigg Bunny gets him. Directed by Andy Tennant (Hitch), Fool's Gold glitters with danger, action, romance, comedy, great one-liners - and a great time to be had by all!

Title: Fool’s Gold
Release: February 8, 2008
Genre: Romantic Comedy/ Adventure
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Writer: John Claflin, Daniel Zelman, & Andy Tennant
Director: Andy Tennant
Music By: George Fenton
Produced By: Donald De Line
Distributed By: Summit Entertainment & Warner Bros.
Run Time: 113 minutes
Official Site

Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson star in their second romantic comedy together called Fool’s Gold directed by Andy Tennant (Sweet Home Alabama) which is essentially a treasure-hunt film that just happens to be a comedy. The film’s plot does have its basis in reality, as the treasure they seek is part of the 1715 Treasure Fleet, which were seven ships that sank that year carrying treasure. Some of it has been recovered like in the film too.

McConaughey and Hudson were such a good match in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days that I just had to see this film when it came out. While the chemistry seems to still be there, I don’t think that this film was the best choice for them. It was just an okay movie, good but easily forgettable at the same time. It’s been compared to National Treasure a lot which isn’t very fair to either film but Fool’s Gold does attempt to have that same “feel” to it. The look however, is very different as it was filmed in places like the Bahamas and several locations in Australia. Actually, this movie is a slightly tamer, funnier version of Paul Walker/ Jessica Alba picture Into the Blue from 2005.

Okay, so the critics and I are being a little harsh. This was actually a very funny movie but I couldn’t help but expect more. I also didn’t really like Bigg Bunny the rapper either as he just adds to the comedy and isn’t a scary villain at all. So, for a fluffy comedy that will be quickly forgotten it wasn’t half-bad... especially for chasing the winter blues away!

Links: Imdb.com, Wikipedia, ReelzChannel,
Interview: Stuff.com with the cast and director




  1. I can't stand watching Kate Hudson in movies usually. And she does seem to pick the clunkers.

  2. My favorite part was the bloody water that geysered up out of the hole near the end...lol Other than that, I wasn't too impressed :)

  3. My husband gave up 1/2 through this one. I finished it because we had nothing else rented....

  4. I've been wanting to see this one.
    I like Matthew McConaughey.
    even though it doesnt sound like a must see film, it still sounds like a cute one.
    great review.

  5. Lenore: Lol... you're right.

    Mo: I thought the underwater scenes were pretty impressive...

    Luanne: I think my hubby actually fell asleep!

    Naida: McConaughey is such a cutie :)

  6. Any interest in seeing Bride Wars? ;)

  7. Lenore: Oh my... um, it looks more cringe-worthy than funny...

  8. I too was underwhelmed by this movie. It was good, but not what I expected.

    Sadly, this was the second Blu-Ray I ever watched on my High Def player (the first modern movie, though). The first was The Godfather.

  9. I haven't been able to drum up much enthusiasm about seeing this film. I usually like these kinds of films too.



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