Saturday, September 15, 2007

Disturb + Suburbia = Disturbia

In Dreamworks Pictures' new suspence thriller "Disturbia," the quieter the street, the darker the secrets.

Kale (Shia LaBeouf) has a life most teenagers would envy. He spends his days endlessly playing video games, surfing the net, eating junk food and watching cable. He has complete free reign of the house, and a beautiful young hottie named Ashley (Sarah Roemer) has just moved in next-door.

There's only one problem- he's not allowed to leave the house. Kale's under court-ordered house arrest for three months, and if he takes one step beyond a 100-foot perimeter of the house, his next confinement will be in a real prison. And jail cells don't have video games and cable.

Now he's going stir crazy in his own house while his mother (Carrie-Anne Ross) tries to keep things together by working day and night. As the walls start to close in, Kale starts to notice the world outside. With some secondhand surveillance equipment he begins spying on his neighbors, most prominently Ashely, who soon catches on to him. To his surprise however, she becomes interested in his stakeout hobby. What starts out as a game turns deadly serious when Kale and Ashley begin to suspect that one of their neighbors (David Morse) may be an elusive serial killer. But who's going to be believe them? It may just be their overactive imagination. Or they may have stumbled across a secret that might cost them their lives.

After all, even killer have to live next-door to someone...

Title: Disturbia
Release: April 13, 2007
Genre: Suspense
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Writer: Christopher B. Landon, Carl Ellsworth, & Christopher B. Landon (story)
Director: D. J. Caruso
Music By: Geoff Zanelli
Produced By: Jackie Marcus Schaffer, Joe Medjuck, & E. Bernett Walsh
Distributed By: Dreamworks
Run Time: 105 minutes
Official Site

I’ve been hearing a lot about Disturbia this summer and I’ve looked forward to watching it. The film is a great thrill-ride and what makes it even creepier is the fact that it could actually happen! I mean, just about every serial killer lives next door to someone and a lot of people are getting their kicks with voyeurism nowadays. Scary thought isn’t it?

I loved how smart, funny, and altogether thrilling the movie is. When Shia Labeouf’s character, Kale is doing battle he runs or tries to get help but he does do the stupid “go-investigate-the-killer’s-home” bit but at least he goes somewhat prepared! Labeouf also isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty and neither is method actor David Morse who plays the bad guy Robert Turner. During the filming of the fight scene, Morse actually broke some of his fingers!

This is such a great summer popcorn flick that is just a ton of genres thrown into one film… and it still works! The director D. J. Caruso knew what he was doing with this even if it’s essentially a re-imagining of Hitchcock’s Rear Window. I thought the movie was still fresh and interesting enough in its own right though. To say that Disturbia is the best thriller I’ve seen this summer would be a big, fat lie but I really enjoyed it and was sorry when it was over.

~ The bonus features were pretty good with some deleted scenes, a music video, a (very) short blooper reel, a “Making of” featurette, and a few other goodies.

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  1. Disturbia isn't really my kind of movie, at least not the kind I would normally watch, but I've heard so many great things about it that it's on my netflix list so eventually I'll get around to watching it. :-) You've been watching some great ones lately, haven't you? I'm so jealous!

    Hubby and I went to see Jodi Foster's new movie, The Brave One, today. The movie was okay. The dual story lines didn't come together well, I thought, and my husband wasn't thrilled about the way it ended. Jodi Foster was fantastic though. I'm glad we saw it.

  2. I'm kind of looking forward to seeing The Brave One but I'll probably wait till the DVD. I want to see 3:10 to Yuma!

  3. I've enjoyed Shia Labeouf ever since "Holes." Though I haven't seen this one yet... my recent Labeouf flick was "Transformers."



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