Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Killer Casanova

Eight kidnapped women. All beautiful. All talented. All in danger of having their lives cut cruelly short if police detective Alex Cross (Morgan Freeman) and key witness Kate Mctiernan (Ashley Judd) can't locate the elusive "collector" who calls himself Casanova.
From the Deep South to the California coast and back, the hunt is on in this provocative race-against-time suspenser based on the best-selling novel by James Patterson. Ashley Judd plays resourceful, strong-willed Mctiernan. She's the lone escapee from Casanova's hidden lair... and determined to rescue the fellow captives she left behind. Morgan Freeman is Cross, a master at solving the unsolvable. But there's more than his reputation at stake: This time one of this victims is his niece in this "taut, riveting thriller" (Fox-TV).
Title: Kiss the Girls
Release: October 3, 1997
Genre: Thriller
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Based On: Kiss the Girls by James Patterson
Writer: David Klass
Director: Gary Fleder
Music By: Mark Isham
Produced By: David Brown and Joe Wizan
Distributed By: Paramount Pictures
Run Time: 117 minutes

Kiss the Girls is a mystery thriller based on the book by James Patterson. It’s actually the second book in the Alex Cross series, the first being Along Came a Spider which was made into a movie in 2001, four years after this one. I actually hadn’t seen Kiss the Girls before so when I learned that it not only existed but was the prequel to such a great movie I had to see it! Did I like Kiss the Girls more than Along Came a Spider? No. Did I enjoy the movie? Very much, and I look forward to reading the book soon.

I have yet to see a Morgan Freeman movie that I haven’t liked but that’s not to say I’ve seen all his films because I haven’t. The ones I have seen though are among some of my favorites. Freeman is such a talented, fabulous actor that he can do any role believably and at the same time makes the other actors around him look good too. Ashley Judd (who plays Kate McTiernan) is an okay actress in most of her movies but she is simply wonderful in Kiss the Girls. I was able to figure out early on what Casanova’s occupation was but I couldn’t quite figure out who he was up until the last moment so I was a bit surprised but I loved the ending.

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  1. I am slowly working my way through the Alex Cross series. I really enjoy the books. It's been years since I've seen the two movies based on two of his Cross books. I remember liking them, but that's about it.



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