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Sweet & Mysterious Regency Romance

Proper decorum has never come easily to Carlotta Anne Fairleigh – not even tonight, when the lovely impetuous miss is finally making her debut. As she waits to make her entrance, she can’t help wondering about the darkened house next door, the supposedly abandoned home of Hayden St. Clair, the man society has dubbed the "Murderous Marquess". Certainly one small peek through his window before the festivities would be harmless...
And naturally, this latest "adventure" ends in disaster, throughly compromising the budding debutante’s reputation and leaving her suddenly, unthinkably... betrothed! Soon she’s en route to the wilds of Cornwall in the company of the handsome, mysterious marquess whose name the ton whisper with fear and loathing.

Yet there is something thrilling – and surprisingly tender – about her dark, unreachable groom, and the desire in his eyes is undeniable. But before Lottie will surrender to the yearnings in her heart she must unlock the secrets of Hayden’s past, no matter how scandalous– or perilous– they may be.
Title: One Night of Scandal
Author: Teresa Medeiros
Series: Farleigh Sisters, Book 2
Published: August 2003
Publisher: Avon Books
Pages: 384
Genre: Romance

Teresa Medeiros’ book A Kiss to Remember is the story between Laura Fairleigh and "The Devil of Devonshire" Sterling Harlow and is where we first meet Laura’s little sister Lottie. In One Night of Scandal she’s all grown up... but still getting in trouble! I always enjoy Mrs. Medeiros’ romances but I especially like it when she revisits characters from her previous books. All of her stories can be read by themselves but I think you really miss out on the character building if you don’t read the previous book first (which is why I won’t read a series out of order).

It’s almost hard to believe that this passionate young woman is the same "Hellion of Hertfordshire" who appeared in A Kiss to Remember as a little girl. Lottie has grown up so much! I loved how she has so many obstacles to overcome yet she never gives up and continues to fight for what she wants. If you like the old classic gothic romances that Lottie wants to write then I suspect that you will love this book!

The Fairleigh Series
1. A Kiss to Remember (2001)

First Paragraph: Carlotta Anne Fairleigh was coming out. Unfortunately, what she was coming out of at the moment was both her elaborate ball gown and the second-story window of her aunt Diana's Mayfair mansion. She might have managed the latter without incident if the silk flounces adorning the bodice of her gown hasn't become entangled in a nailhead protruding from the inside of the windowsill.

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Source: Library loan, paperback

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