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An Intriguing Medieval Romance

The incomparable Teresa Medeiros weaves a sensual spell with this thrilling tale with this thrilling tale of dark intrigue and searing passion…

With one roll of the dice, the shameful deed was done. Baron Lindsey Fordyce had gambled and lost, and now his beautiful daughter, Rowena, was about to pay the price. Spirited away to an imposing castle, the fiery innocent found herself pressed into the service of a dark and forbidding knight accused of murder... and much more. Handsome, brooding Sir Gareth of Caerleon had spent years waiting for this chance for revenge. But when he sought to use the fair Rowena to slay the ghosts of his tortured past, be never imagined he'd be ensnared in a silken trap of his own making -- slave to a desire he could never hope to quench....

Title: Shadows and Lace
Author: Teresa Medeiros
Published: September 1, 1990
Publisher: Berkley
Pages: 346
Genre: Romance- Historical

I always enjoy Teresa Medeiros’ romance novels and even if Shadows and Lace was one of her early works, it’s just as good as her newer ones. I really liked all of her characters in the novel because they were all very interesting and complex, even the people who were supposed to be the villains were sympathetic. I also enjoyed the medieval setting and how almost it seemed like I was transported back in time.

There was only flaw in this book as far as I’m concerned and that was that Rowena was portrayed as being more of a na├»ve girl than a woman. I know that a romance between a 33 year old man and an extremely young girl (her age is later revealed and she’s not as young as I would have thought) wouldn’t have been all that unusual since the setting is in the late 12th century but I don’t think I would have cared for the book very much. As it is, I think Medeiros did a wonderful job on this and all of her other books I’ve read so far. True there were parts of the novel I didn’t care for but I still enjoyed it. Just try to keep up with Rowena because she does do a lot of running!

~I highly recommend this book and all other books by Teresa Medeiros.

First Paragraph: The boy slipped into the bower without a sound. His steps faltered as the ethereal scent of rosemary raked like tender claws down his spine. He closed his eyes briefly, letting the scent envelop him as it had the night before when his stepmother had curtsied to him in the dance. Her raven curls had brushed his cheek, unmanning him with their softness as she taught him each step of the carol with the sweetest of patience. He opened his eyes; dark lashes fringed their bleak depths.

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Source: Personal collection, paperback

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  1. I don't believe I've ever read any of hers...sounds interesting!!



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