Thursday, September 27, 2007

Love Can Heal All

Savannah Rigbey has made a living pouring whiskey and singing in saloons since she was sixteen years old. She’s come to Springwater to take up her half-ownership of the local bar – but her work begins before she even sets foot in town. On the stagecoach to Springwater, a young girl goes into labor – and Savannah, with her level head and steady hand, aids a gruff doctor in abating a crisis.

Dr. Prescott Parrish has never met a woman like Savannah. Despite her rouge and bangles, she is a virtuous – though decidedly stubborn – woman, who ignites his most infuriating emotions. But behind his prickly exterior, Pres harbors painful memories of the Civil War, heartache that may be soothed by a new and fulfilling love. Slowly, Pres and Savannah begin to see each other for who they really are, with masks removed – and with passion flaring unexpectedly...

Savannah is the third book in the Springwater series by
Linda Lael Miller which I’m currently working my way through. It’s a wonderful historical western romance that takes place in a tiny, stagecoach-stop town (that slowly starts to grow in every book) in the Montana Territory. This story picks up where the last book (Rachel) left off a year later in the summer of 1875.

If I had to pick one of the women I’ve met so far in the Springwater series as my favorite, Savannah would be near the top (after Miss June Bug of course!). She is such a caring and interesting person, which is really surprising considering the hard life she’s had. She’s a brave person too because women in general, didn’t own their own businesses and particularly not saloons! I was very happy with her decision at the end though. I do like all of the men of Springwater but Pres isn’t my favorite (I rather like Trey and Scully). He’s still a very good character though even if he’s a bit rough around the edges.

This was a very sweet story and my only regret is that it wasn’t long enough (all of the "name books" in the series are only 150 pages long unless you read Springwater Seasons which is all of them compiled into one volume)! I’m really looking forward to spending some more time in Springwater soon.

Springwater Seasons
Springwater (1998)
Jessica (1999)
Miranda (1999)
Rachel (1999)
Savannah (1999)
A Springwater Christmas (1999)
Springwater Wedding (2001)

~ I don’t recommend trying to read the series as out of order because although each could stand alone, the plots from the previous books are given away in each successive story.

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