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A Scandalous Web of Secrets and Lies

On the evening of her first masquerade, shy Elizabeth Anne Fitzgerald is stunned by Tyrell de Warenne’s whispered suggestion of a midnight rendevous in the gardens. Lizzie has secretly worshiped the unattainable lord for years. When fortune takes a maddening turn, she is prevented from meeting Tyrell. But Lizzie cannot foresee that that night is only the beginning...

Tyrell de Warenne is shocked when, two years later, Lizzie arrives on his doorstep with a child she claims is his. He remembers her well – and knows that he could not possibly be the father. What is this game she is playing... and why? Is Elizabeth Anne Fitzgerald a woman of experience, or the gentle innocent she seems? But neither scandal, deception nor pride can thwart a love too passionate to be denied...

Title: The Masquerade
Author: Brenda Joyce
Series: de Warenne Dynasty, Book 6
Published: September 1, 2005
Publisher: Harlequin
Pages: 464
Genre: Romance- Historical

The Masquerade is the sixth book in the de Warenne Dynasty by Brenda Joyce. She is a (mostly) historical romance writer that I absolutely adore. Her books were actually my first venture into the historical romance genre. All of her stories have such vivid characters and settings but no two hero’s or heroines are ever the same even if many are related (she writes family sagas: the Braggs, the de Warennes, etc).

If anyone knows how to pair soul mates that sizzle and snap with chemistry it’s Mrs. Joyce. I love how she makes her heroes see past the imperfections of the heroines, or visa-versa, even if sometimes those imperfections are mental (for example: Lizzie honestly thinks she’s plain while she is actually quite pretty). She also makes her characters really fall in love and work to stay that way. I’m looking forward to spending a bit more time with the de Warenne family soon!

1. The Conqueror (1990)
2. Scandalous Love (1992)
3. Promise of the Rose (1993)
4. The Game (1995)
5. House of Dreams (2000)
6. The Prize (2004)
7. The Masquerade (2005)
8. The Stolen Bride (2006)
9. A Lady at Last (2006)
10. The Perfect Bride (2007)
11. A Dangerous Love (2008)
12. An Impossible Attraction (2010)
13. The Promise (2010)

First Paragraph: Elizabeth Anne Fitzgerald stared at the novel in her hands but not a single word made sense. In fact, the letters on the page were blurred as badly as if she was not wearing her reading glasses. Perhaps that was for the best; Mama hated it when she read at the table, and she had sat down for breakfast with her romance novel some time ago, the food in front of her now long forgotten. Lizzie sighed and closed the book. She was so excited about tomorrow she would never be able to concentrate, she decided.

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Source: Personal collection, paperback

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  1. I am not a huge fan of romance novels (that is my mom), but I do love historical ones.

    I also just noticed that you are reading all of the Newberry Award books. I can't wait to see what you have to say about The Westing Game. That is my absolutely favorite book!



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