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Miranda’s Story

Thrown out by her father for bearing an illegitimate child, Miranda Leebrook and her newborn ended up in Springwater completely by chance. But in this kindly town, Miranda finds what she most desires: acceptance and friendship for herself and her baby boy. When rancher Landry Kildare offers her a marriage of convenience, Miranda accepts, and is happy at last to find a place to settle down.

To Landry’s way of thinking, the arrangement is purely practical: Miranda needs a home, and he is desperate for a caretaker for his two mischievous boys. But Miranda’s sweet sensuality soon has his thoughts turning in a different direction. With Miranda as his wife, Landry wants nothing more than to show her all the joys of life, and share with her the daily surprises, special moments, and deepening passion of a marriage that was meant to be.

Miranda by
Linda Lael Miller, is the fourth book in the historical Springwater western romance series; that takes place the fall of the same year that the previous book Savannah was set in (1875). We actually first meet Miranda in Savannah’s book on the first page because Savannah helped deliver her baby.

I thought that this story was actually one of the most exciting and intriguing of all the books in the series. There is actually a villain and real obstacles for the main character to overcome and you get to watch a sweet love slowly start to grow. Miranda may be a fallen woman but she’s still innocent and somewhat naive. I had a harder time with liking her at first that I didn’t have with any other of the Springwater women because although she isn’t
stupid by any means, she is mainly "common sense smart." I did eventually come around though and was rooting for her by the end.

This is another very short story (142 pages to be exact) that I wouldn’t have minded being a bit longer after I got over my initial disinterest in Miranda and started to like Landry (although his occupation makes me kind of sick, FYI: he raises and butchers pigs). I’m looking forward to reading the rest of this series soon!

Springwater Seasons
Springwater (1998)
Jessica (1999)
Miranda (1999)
Rachel (1999)
Savannah (1999)
A Springwater Christmas (1999)
Springwater Wedding (2001)

~ I don’t recommend trying to read this series as out of order because although each could stand alone, the plots from the previous books are given away in each successive story.

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  1. Making a note to look for this series at my library!



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