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Bigtime Series Books #2 and #3

In Jennifer Estep’s second and third novels Hot Mama and Jinx, of her Superhero series set in the fictional town of Bigtime, New York, two heroines with superpowers set out to find their perfect men. Fiona Fine is at times a bit conceited but she’s a superhero because it’s “something she's honor-bound to do.,” however "Bella Bulluci, the heroine of Jinx, hates superheroes and ubervillains" for many reasons.

Oh boy. I loved the first book in this series even though the main character Carmen Cole is on a bit of a crusade, I liked the second character Fiona in the second book even though she was a little too egotistical at times, but the third main character is just whiny, annoying snot. I understand how she would be but I'm sorry, controlling, neurotic people aren't that interesting to me- even if they have a superpower (well in her case, a "kind-of superpower" since it‘s the power of Luck). This whole series is full of little things that irk me but I still love it. Superheroes, ubervillains, and romance thrown together in one book and its bound to be good!

Another thing that bothered me was something I noticed in Hot Mama (the second book), the author sent the first main couple on their honeymoon which was understandable and okay as it forced Fiona/ Fiera to step in as leader pretty much but when she does the exact same thing to Bella it gets a little old. Are we supposed to forget that even though she's egotistical, she's a better character (and much more interesting) than Bella? Not likely! Thankfully, she eases up a little on her Bella's neuroticness before too much longer so she becomes likeable. However Bella is still my third favorite Bigtime heroine- her honey Debonair is yummy though. I think he's even more interesting than Fiona's Johnny (Bella's brother- their story is in Hot Mama) but not quite as much as the first hero Striker in Karma Girl is.

Jennifer Estep's writing style slightly reminds me of Erin McCarthy's but as good as these books are even with my nitpicks- I know they can be SO much better! I'd really like her to be a little freer with her characters and have different plot lines each book. The author also intentionally makes the superheroes (and ubervillains) identities very easy guess so the hints might as well be neon-flashing signs. You can usually guess everyone's alter ego just by their names. Well these books don’t claim to be mysteries so I'm not complaining. It's such a good series though! Lighthearted, sweet, and fun- what more could you want?

Bigtime Superhero Series
Karma Girl (2007)
Hot Mama (2007)
Jinx (2008)
Interview: Popin's Lair, Fantasy Debut Author Spotlight, Paranormal Romance Superhero Worship

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  1. These sound like a lot of fun. I much prefer the left cover without the real person on it randomly. I like the idea of female superheros, did you see that film (sorry the title escapes me) with Uma Thurman as G Girl? Eddie Izzard was the villian and it was a fun idea.

  2. Hmm still not sure if I should pick these up although your suggestion that they are similar to Erin McCarthy's writing style is a plus.

  3. From the covers, I never would have guessed those books are in the same series. The series sounds like a lot of fun.

  4. Thank you for the great review of the 2nd and 3rd books in this series. It does sound like a fun series to read.

  5. I hadn't even heard of this series before but it sounds really enjoyable. Thanks for sharing your great reviews :)

  6. I never really noticed that about the books but now that you mention it it's true. I still haven't read Jinx yet though. Hopefully soon.

  7. Rhinoa: I do too. I'm not quite sure they changed up the covers mid-series. The originals were much more interesting! No I didn't get around to seeing that movie but I know what you're talking about.

    SciFiGuy: They did remind me of McCarthy a LOT but where each of her Vegas vampire stories are all different, Estep's have too many similarities. They're still really good though.

    Bermudaonion: Me either that's why I hated the change :( Also, the first two books are trade paperbacks and the third is a mass market. It is fun though!

    Wendy: It was! Can't wait for her to write more :)

    Samantha: Aw, you're welcome! If you do get around to reading them I hope you end up liking them as much as I do!

    Monie G: It was a really good story too even if I don't really care for Bella herself. Debonair is yummy!!!



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