Friday, September 26, 2008

Sookie #8

The supernatural community in Bon Temps, Louisiana, is reeling from two hard blows- the supernatural disaster of Hurricane Katrina and the man-made horror of the explosion at the vampire summit the month before in the up-north city of Rhodes. Sookie Stackhouse is safe but dazed, yearning for things to get back to normal. But that’s just not happening. Too many vampires- some friends, some not- were killed or injured, and her weretiger boyfriend, Quinn, is among the missing.

It’s clear that things are changing, whether the Weres and vamps of her corner of Louisiana like it or not. And Sookie -friend of the pack and blood-bonded to Eric Northman, the leader of the local vampire community- is caught up in the changes.

In the ensuing battles, Sookie faces danger, death... and, once more, betrayal by someone she loves. And when the fur has finished flying and the cold blood flowing, her world will be forever altered...

Title: From Dead to Worse
Author: Charlaine Harris
Series: Sookie Stackhouse, Book 8
Start & Finished: 6/3/08- 6/4/08
Published: 2008
Publisher: Berkley
Pages: 359
Genre: Paranormal Mystery

The Southern Vampire Mysteries, an extremely popular paranormal series by author Charlaine Harris, has finally reached the eighth book in what will hopefully be a very long-lasting series. From Dead to Worse sees Louisiana barmaid, and telepath Sookie Stackhouse a lot less naïve, a lot more interesting, and also, even more popular in both her world and ours.

I discovered Charlaine Harris a couple of years ago and have since then read one of her completed series, and am caught up with the current books released in two others. While the Aurora Teagarden’s and the Harper Connelly books are remarkably good in their own way, no one will ever replace Sookie Stackhouse, my first Harris heroine. Not only is she the most appealing character, she’s also witty and interesting too. Plus, she has really yummy taste in guys!

After discovering how well-loved this heroine and her world is, Alan Ball (Six Feet Under) teamed up with HBO to bring Sookie to the small screen (TV) in True Blood which, judging by the fact it has already been green-lighted for a second season, seems like a pretty wise decision. It’s starting from the beginning so I’m not sure when or if anything from this book will make it into the adaptation but the war between the werewolves (with Sam and Sookie caught in the crossfire helping) was such a cool battle! What I wouldn’t give to see that filmed, so hopefully True Blood will last awhile. I really hope the few things that annoy me about the show (the main one is that the vampire’s fangs look like toothpicks among other things) either I’ll get used to or will eventually iron themselves out though.

Besides the Were fight, there are a few more skirmishes before the book is over. Oh and Sookie meets a couple of relatives she didn’t know she had too. From Dead to Worse is just as funny as ever and oh, so good! I seriously can’t wait for the next one since although a few problems were cleared up, there are always more that take their places. I saw the dwindling pages and I was so sad that it ended, Charlaine Harris just can’t write fast enough for me.

Southern Vampire Mysteries: Dead Until Dark, Living Dead in Dallas, Club Dead, Dead to the World, Dead as a Doornail, Definitely Dead, All Together Dead, From Dead to Worse

Other Charlaine Harris Related: Grave Surprise, An Ice Cold Grave, Aurora Teagarden #1-4 & #5-8

Links: Author (Wikipedia), True Blood Wikia
Interview: Author Q&A with Mighty Ganesha (slight spoilers), Star News Online

Picture Explanations
Chain: In Sookie's world, vampires and Weres can be subdued completely by silver chains
Lion: Sam is a rare type of shapeshifter and although he prefers the form of a dog, he can shift to just about anything.


  1. As soon as True Blood is out on DVD, I am getting it. :)

  2. I love this series, though this wasn't one of my abslute faves. But Sam was great in it. And I loved the Eric part, small as it was! I won't say what about it, to not spoil.

  3. J. Kaye: Me too!

    CJ: This wasn't one of my absolute favorites either but it was pretty cool. In one of those interviews up there Charlaine Harris said that that the next book would have a different story arc since she spent this one tying up loose ends. She also said there would be more sex so I can only hope it will be with Eric since she's mad at everyone else!!!

  4. I still havent read any of these. shame on me.
    great review!

  5. This series is getting higher and higer praise and nearer the top of my list. I watched the first two episodes of True Blood when I was in NYC and loved it. I am issing my Sookie fix and will have to see if I can find the next couple of episodes online somewhere.

  6. I haven't read these, but I'm watching the show on HBO and I do like it. Sookie and the vampire are well cast.

  7. Good review and links. Sookie is always on my MUST read list. Harris should be required reading if you like paranormal.

  8. Naida: Oh they are well worth reading! I was watching True Blood last night and I was seriously considering re-reading the books.

    Rhinoa: I hope you got the site I sent you!

    Tracy: Mmm, the TV characters aren't exactly what I pictured. Some are better and some I'm still trying to wrap my head around. The books of course, are much better!

    Sci-Fi Guy: Thanks. Oh I agree! I was thinking this morning it would be interesting if they tried to adapt her Harper books too (well if they dropped the whole step-brother angle and make him a friend)

  9. I read the first few books in this series and enjoyed them a whole lot, but I've somehow lost the thread and will probably have to start over from the beginning. Not that that's a huge sacrifice or anything! :-) I'm glad to hear you're continuing to enjoy them!



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